Welcome to autoroute.net. Our aim is simple... to provide our clients with the most efficient and highest quality internet access possible. Obviously you, our clients and potential clients, will be the judges of our level of success in accomplishing this aim. For this reason, our intent is to provide a 'total solution' internet service. We envision autoroute.net as your one-stop internet connectivity company capable of meeting all your requirements including:

    Internet access consultation
    Network Management Outsourcing
    Hardware (servers, systems, networks, parts & repair service)
    Full corporate and personal Internet access
    Corporate and personal web site development
    e-Commerce solutions

Why choose autoroute.net?
    Performance. Plain and simple. What you want is screaming performance at an affordable price.

    Servers: Server speed is based on two factors - hardware speed vs. ratio of users per machine. Here at autoroute.net, we keep a maximum ratio of 32 users per machine, whereas other providers will cram up to 128 users per server. The result for you is constant, reliable and FAST internet access.

    56K Baud V.90, ISDN 128K & ADSL high-speed internet: All of our dial-up lines at least 56kbps. Equipped with a slower modem? You can still access our system of course; but if you decide to upgrade, we won't be limiting your ability to exploit the latest in internet access technology.
Reach us at:
    autoroute.net Inc.
    300 Boul. Marcel-Laurin, Suite 218
    St-Laurent, Quebec
    Canada H4M 2L4

    Phone: (514) 341-4023
    E-Mail: info@autoroute.net

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